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Whether you’re entering the job market for the first time or reentering it later in life, this easy-to-follow, practical guide is just for you.


Offering a complete guide on job hunting without all the fluff, author Joseph Bradley lays out the steps of looking for a job. Because it’s not a one-size-fits-all process, he presents thirteen different ways to do it. From helping you determine what you want to do, to teaching you how to research prospective employers, to preparing you for potential interviews, Mr. Bradley educates and encourages you every step of the way.


With particularly helpful insights for older job seekers, this handy pocket guide is an essential resource to help you land the job you will enjoy.





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Unemployed? Looking to switch jobs for the one you really want? Or are you Retired and want to Detire (Quitting Retirement and re-entering the workforce) but, don't know where to go? Don't know what to do? Don't know how to do it right?


Are you Unemployed or looking for something new or better? Do you have what a company wants and needs but are hitting road blocks? Then this book is for you. It is all about figuring out what it is that you really want, then showing you the easy steps you need to take to get it. What Job Do You Really Want?


Retired and sick and tired of being retired? Are you ready to Detire and re-enter the workforce?

Then this book is for you as well. According to the 2010 Census there is a large hole in the workforce between 35 and 55 year olds. That hole needs to be filled, and the ones with the experience are the ones who can best fill that hole.

Do you think you have tried everything to get that job but nothings worked?

Well, Think Again!

Most people look for work by scanning the newspaper, going on-line to the standard job sites, or they send out Resumes and Cover Letters and then wait for someone to call them. AND THAT'S IT!


While those are some of the ways of looking for work they actually have a very low percentage of working. Why? Because they don't require much effort to do them. The amount of effort you put into something will equal the amount of reward you get from it.

Go from a seven percent success rate to a possible 85 percent success rate!

I can change the odds of your finding the work you want with a company you will want to work for. Get Any Job At Any Age In 11 Easy Steps can take you from a 7 percent success rate up to a possible 85 percent success rate.


Many people come to me to get the answers they need. Why? Because I give it to them straight. I am not what you would call, Politically Correct. In this book I tell you what you need to know in a straight forward way without all the fluff you find in many other how to books.

Why spend Days reading a 300 plus page book when you can get the information you need right now and start going after the job you really want, NOW?

If you are really ready to get the job you want then you are ready for this book.


So buy the book and get started today at changing your life for the better.

People get work through friends and family. They get work through cold calling a company. They get work by being in the right place at the right time.

Did you know that most of the jobs people

get have NEVER been Advertised?

When you talk to a perspective employer you need to know a lot about his company. You need to impress them. I give you valuable knowledge on how to get that information,whether the company is Public or Private.

And what do you do when you get that Face to Face Interview?

Here is some of the information I give you:

  • What you should wear.
  • How you should present yourself.
  • How you should Sit and Stand and why this is important.
  • I give you some of the Questions they will ask and tell you how to answer them.
  • I tell you some of the Questions you should ask them.


Some would ask why a book on how to look for a job is important. They think everyone knows how to find a job. You just look in the paper or on-line and see who has a job opening and apply. Or they send out Resumes and Cover Letters and just wait for someone to call them. The problem is that most people use these methods and statistically they only have about a 7 percent chance of working. Not very good odds, are they? I say it is a problem because most people think that is the only way of finding their job. There are actually many ways of looking for work. I list thirteen of them (a lucky number) in the book. Try finding that anywhere else.


But, getting a job isn't what most people really want. They want the right job for them. And it's Easy To Do. You just need to follow the 11 Easy Steps I have outlined for you and you Will go from a 7 percent or less chance of getting that job to a possible 85 percent chance.





"This book helped me in more ways than I thought it would. Little secrets and details to give me the edge over my competition. I love it's specificity, and that gave me the confidence to get out there. I owe it all to this book! Thank you Mr. Bradley."

Brittani E.


"I appreciate the concise, easy to read style. This is a useful road-map, particularly for those of us over 50, that believe we have dwindling options."

Russell C.


"I found this book filled with many practical ideas, many already known to me but some new and some good reminders, of best practices in job-hunting. I am sure this will be valuable to practically every job seeker, especially those of us in the 50's and 60's age group who may be venturing into the job market again. Concise advice, with references for additional info. I recommend this book highly."

Mel D.



But, it takes you! You are the catalyst to getting what you want. You can do it if you believe you can. And you can do it.

So, Don't Wait! Get this book today, Read it Today, And Start your Job Search Today!